I'm Dan, I work in information security and I live in Greater Manchester in the UK. In my day job, I do stuff like AppSec and SecDevOps, working with development teams to create quality products that are generally hosted in AWS. My job is to walk the line between application development and security, trying to build a security culture where security is a fundamental part of the way that the organisation works and where security is transparent.

This site has been around since 2016 in one form or another and tends to get heavily modified with little warning! I created this site for two reasons:

1. as a place to put down my thoughts about the things that interest me, such as technology, techno, aviation and travel, amongst others.

2. as a testing site for some of the cool security related features that are available on the internet.

That second point means that this site is hosted in an AWS S3 bucket, served via Cloudfront (with Lambda@Edge injecting Content Security Policy headers) and is IPv6 enabled.